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Nora by Lovense was first release in 2013, It is the first of its kind with a rotating head. Over the years several improvement been made including the optimized shaft,strong vibrations and the longer vibrating flexible arm.

Nora allows you to stimulate both the internal vagina and the external clit at the same time effectively. The unique movement help womens find and pleasure their G spot. The toy enables app-control functions, which means you can control the vibrations from any distance and there are versatile ways to do that, including sync to music control and by creating unlimited vibration patterns. You can also pairs with other lovense toys for mutual masturbation or long distance sex.

Key Features

Designs and Look - Fully pink matte-textured silicone with a rotating head not only stimulate your G-spot well, The shaft also has smooth bumps along the surface so you can enjoy the feeling of manually thrusting with this toy additionally the Flexible arm allowing it to bend and accommodates multiple body types. There are buttons on the bottom of the Nora for manual adjustment , which can control the rotation, from gentle to intense.

Noise Level - the motor that produces the rotations in the Nora has been upgraded to a quieter version and is almost silent.

The Vibration - The Nora vibrates in the clitoral and and rotates in the shaft. It actually provides separately controlled motors for the rotating shaft head and the vibrating arm. That means you can have different intensities on the G-spot and clitoris, depending on what you like in each area.

There are 3 intensity (Low, Medium and High) for the rotating head and seven settings for the Vibrating Arm

    Low vibration. (continuous vibration)
    Medium vibration. (continuous vibration)
    High vibration. (continuous vibration)
    Pulse mode. (Pattern)
    Wave mode. (Pattern)
    Fireworks mode. (Pattern)
    Earthquake mode. (Pattern)

The next level - To really take it to the next level you can pair it with a partners sex toy. The Max 2 and Nora control each other when they are used together. The toys are designed to react based on your partner’s movements. The harder the man thrust into the Max 2, the more the Nora vibrates and rotates around. Vice versa, the harder the lady thrusts with the Nora, the more the max 2 vibrates and contract.

Lovense Remote -  It enables your partner to control your toy from anywhere. Their smartphone app features versatile ways to play with. You can create patterns that works amazingly for you and save it for next use, you can also enjoy music during play time and sync the music for random patterns that surprise you and your partner. Nora can also connect via the Internet to Max 2, the masturbator for men Lovense and react in real time to the movements of your partner during your virtual sex sessions. I am sure you will find one way that works amazingly for you.

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