Inflatable Love Doll-Vanessa

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    Get pussy just the way you like it with Nasstoys Inflatable Love Doll Vanessa, the perfect play toy that is always ready for your big dick without complaint and never second.
    Vanessa's big blue eyes will send shivers down your spine as you fuck any of her three delicious holes, pussy, mouth, or anus while you play with her over-sized breasts and hard-as-rock nips.
    Love doll Vanessa likes it hard and fast, slow and sweet, and just the way you like it while she opens herself up to you in a fuckable, on-your-knees position.
    Just blow her up and lubricate well with a favorite silicone or water-based lube for extra slip, and go to work on this blonde bombshell babe that is just waiting for you to cum in any of her three tight holes (blow-up pump sold separately).
    Inflatable Love Doll Vanessa by Nasstoys is made from phthalate-free, waterproof PVC, is easy to clean with mild soap and warm water between sexy sessions and uses no batteries for your immediate use.
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