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Pjur is a great brand to trust for your personal lubricant. Pjur silicone based lubricants are a preferred brand. Pjur Woman 100ml Pjur Silicone Based Lubricant is part of our Personal Care department in Lubricants. You will find more silicone based lubricants when shopping the Silicone Based section.

Why should I use a personal lubricant like Pjur Woman 100ml?
We aren’t sex experts, but we do know that taking extra care by using a personal lubricant during intimacy is necessary at times. We will not go into those details here. However, you should know that intimacy of any sort should never be painful. There are times when a lubricant will alleviate possible discomfort during intercourse.

Always, remember to pay attention to what the lubricant is made of since you will apply it to your skin and likely use it for internal use. Your body absorbs external substances. When you use personal lubricants, you might as well look at it like you are ingesting it. We are organic freaks here, but we do also know that not everyone else is. So, we offer a wide selection of lubricants. Try Pjur Woman 100ml Pjur Silicone Based Lubricant. Taking care of yourself physically is very important. When you feel good about yourself, you are better equipped to take charge in other areas of your life.

More About Pjur Woman 100ml Pjur Silicone Based Lubricant
Pjur Woman is super-concentrated, making it long and lasting economical. This certified authentic formula never becomes sticky and is 100% latex safe. Pjur Woman does not block pores and requires no clean-up after use. Used by massage therapist worldwide, it contains no oil, water, glycerin, or preservatives. Pjur Woman is non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless. 20% thinner than the Original Pjur, this formula is designed for those looking to feel more sensation. Perfectly safe for use by men or women. Look for the Pjur mark to feel confident it is a genuine Pjur personal product.

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