Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask

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Bondage mask ensures a complete, unimaginably sexy, blackout effect

Shaped to comfortably and naturally conform to the face of the wearer, Fetish Fantasy's Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask is a uniquely designed bondage staple play that ensures a complete, unimaginably sexy blackout effect.

A good blindfold, as any playful couple will attest to, will absolutely enhance many erotic scenarios- not only does the absence of sight heighten the remaining senses, attuning taste, touch, sound and smell to the situation at hand, but, the un-masked mate will be able to act without the knowledge of their partner, creating an exciting air of the unexpected. The Deluxe is not only comfortably padded, it's also shaped to fit facial contours, ensuring comfortable breathing while curving smoothly around the eye area.

Fits most. Neoprene, velcro, elastic. Spot clean.

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