Jo Silicone-Free Hybrid Lube With Coconut 4 oz

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Irresistibly plush and creamy with coconut oil.

Irresistibly plush and creamy, JO's unique Silicone Free Hybrid formula offers all the versatile slickness of a water based formula blended with naturally smooth, ultra nourishing coconut oil.

Significantly thicker than most lubricants and easy to apply anywhere desired, the pillowy, subtly sweet-smelling formula melts into a slippery layer in hand and on skin. Adding tons of velvety long-lasting glide to skin-on-skin contact, Hybrid is great for massage, solo (or shared!) stroke sessions, all sorts of foreplay and of course, sex itself.

This lubricant should not be used with latex condoms or rubber based toys. Glycerine & Paraben free.

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