Mighty Grip Special Formula

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Produces a non-slip grip to increase grip strength.

This new Special Formula allows you to grip especially well on cold poles. Apply to clean dry skin after warm-up. The heat from your hands & body activates Mighty Grip.

Mighty Grip Pole Dancing Sweat Prevention Powder. Pole dancing is a fitness craze that's sweeping the globe. From the USA to Australia and Europe, exotic pole dancing is no longer just for strippers, but a sexy way to get great exercise, and lots of fun. Pole dancing requires great strength and grip, which is where Mighty Grip shines. Mighty Grip produces a non-slip grip that will reduce slippage and increase the required grip strength. That is why many of the dancers in the European Pole Dancing Championships and the World Federation of Pole Dancers choose Mighty Grip. Mighty Grip will improve your hold on the dance pole, reducing fatigue and risk of injury.Mighty Grip is packaged in 1/4 oz plastic bottles, which holds enough product for approximately 150 applications. Since so little is needed to produce the non-slip grip and constant reapplication is not required, a bottle of Mighty Grip can last for many months depending upon the frequency of competition. Mighty Grip is a spectacular new product to replace traditional chalk (magnesium carbonate) products. Mighty Grip is applied sparingly to the hands and rubbed in. As the bodys temperature activates the thermoplastic material in Mighty Grip, it clings to the hands and its surface becomes sticky to the touch; producing an incredible slip free grip. Mighty Grip is dust free and leaves no marks or permanent deposits on the surfaces it comes into contact with. It will not come off with sweat and one minimal application lasts for ages.

- One application lasts for hours
- does not come off with sweat
- Easily removed with just soap and water
- The product will not peel or transfer
- Environmentally friendly
- Does not need constant reapplication
- 1/4 oz bottles

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