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Using the correct battery will make a big difference in both the performance and the life expectancy of a toy. I'm not referring to the size of the battery, but more the type of battery. We recommend non alkaline batteries for most situations.

General alkaline batteries are pretty powerful. So powerful they could actually burn out the small motors in some vibrators during extended use. Non alkaline batteries supply enough power to operate the toy with less risk of burning out the products motor.

You also want to read a products packaging. Sometimes there will be a manufacturer suggested battery printed somewhere on the package.

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Toy Cleaners

A lot of informational material doesn't touch on the importance of toy cleaners. Because of this, their remarkable powers are underestimated.

Most people don't realize that good old soap and water just doesn't cut it when it comes to adult toys, and can even be harmful to both the toy and the person using it.

Most toys are covered in tiny microscopic pores that hand and dish soap fail to clean. Bacteria builds in these pores and eventually grow to the surface of the toy causing infections and illness.

Prolonged use of standard hand and dish soap can break down the material the toy is made of and create even more of these harmful pores. As well as breaking down the toy materials, soaps themselves can cause painful irritation of the vaginal and rectal tracks if the entire residue is not completely rinsed off after cleaning.

Toy cleaners are specifically designed for adult toys by adult toy manufacturers. They were created to seep into these tiny pores of potential pain and kill all the bacteria that may be present in them, as well as stop the growth of mold which is a form of bacteria that comes from moisture ( toys stored away before they are completely air dried will eventually grow mold ). Toy cleaners will not irritate sexual organs and will completely disinfect any toy it is used on.

Toy cleaners can be found in the forms of spray bottles and wipes. They are fairly inexpensive considering all the potential costs of doctor visits and prescriptions you will need to fight infections.

The only exceptions are the toys made of glass or hard plastic; because these items are completely non porous and soaps will not break them down.

For someone on a budget and not willing to shell out the extra money for toy cleaner, we suggest that they purchase a toy made of glass or hard plastic materials or they could even use a condom with every use of the toy, But, a condom is more of a temporary solution then a permanent one. Bacteria will eventually reach the point where any contact with any part of the body will cause immediate irritation or infection.

A quick note about silicone. 100% silicone toys are completely non porous. Prolonged use of soaps will cause them to break down and create pores in which bacteria will grow. Even though 100% silicone is the most hygienic soft rubbery material on the market, toy cleaners are still required to keep it that way.

To use toy cleaners pre rinse the toy with warm water and a wash cloth. Spray or wipe with toy cleaner. Wait at least 60 seconds and rinse with warm water and a wash cloth again. Allow the toy to air dry before storing it.

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To answer the question of why product packages are labeled "Ph free" or "Phthalate free". Here is a brief rundown of the situation.

Phthalates are a plastic softener and are rumored to cause serious health problems. The European Union, representing 27 nations, decided in 2005 to ban three forms of phthalates in children's toys and child care equipment.

Phthalates can be called an "everywhere chemical". It is used in everything from Tupperware to hospital equipment and even adult toys. Nearly every American has been exposed. A 2000 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found phthalates in the urine of 75 percent of the people they had tested.

The Environmental Protection agency has asked the National Academies of Science to produce a report on phthalates, this report will probably take several years to finish. Once all the research has been completed the E.P.A. will be able to set a "reference dose" for phthalates- the maximum amount that scientists think a person could be exposed to on a daily bases without harm.

All of this sounds scary and will likely be a hot topic in the scientific and medical world for a few more years while research is being done. I'm sorry for straying away from the adult industry. We felt it was important to touch on this subject to pass on all the information we have so far.

Phthalates are used in adult toys made of PVC. PVC is a hard plastic that requires a form of phthalates to turn into a soft squishy jelly that is comfortable for sexual use. There are several adult items on our walls that contain phthalates.

If you are a health conscious person that is concerned about this issue, then you have come to the right place. The Adult shop carries a wide variety of products that are phthalate free. Luckily the adult industry has kept up on its current events and have released lines of products specifically labeled Phthalate free. We also have sil-a-gel, Silicone, latex, TPR, rubber tree rubbers, Cyber skin types, glass, and hard plastic which are all phthalate free.

Many more materials are still to come, keep your eyes peeled for magazine articles and read new product packages for the latest and greatest materials.

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There are so many materials out there that manufactures use, it is virtually impossible to cover them all in this pamphlet. So we are just going to split them into groups and cover the general information about each group.


The first thing most people fear when introduced to glass sex products is, the product breaking during use. Relax, adult glass products are generally made of Pyrex glass. Solid Pyrex glass requires a bit of force to chip or break. Unless you plan to throw it across the room, don't worry about it chipping or breaking.

Hygienically speaking, glass is non porous. This makes it one of the safest materials in use. Virtually nothing will degrade glass so clean up and storage are cheap and easy. Use any type of lube on them you want, even oil based. Just don't use oils for penetration of the body. They come in several shapes, colors, and sizes. Some will even be liquid filled or have a vibrating feature, or both.

Temperatures can also be experimented with. Solid glass dongs that are non vibrating solid glass products can be chilled in the freezer or warmed with hot water. Glass will hold its temperature for a considerable amount of time.

Hard Plastic:

Hard plastic products are usually made of PVC plastic. The same stuff that white plastic plumbing under your kitchen sink is made out of.

Similar to glass they are non porous and any lubricant can be used on them. Soaps and other materials won't degrade them, so simple clean up and storage applies.

Plastic Jelly:

Plastic jellies are made from hard plastic that has been melted down and plastic softener added. Once cooled, the hard plastic with added softener has become a soft pliable jelly. These are the products we carry that are caught up in the Phthalate hype. You can generally identify these types of product by their strong chemical odor. They are very porous. We strongly recommend using a toy cleaner with this product.

Soaps and other materials will degrade this product. Store in a plastic bag away from other adult products. This material has a tendency to melt if it gets to close to another adult product for a long period of time. Seriously, I'm not joking. It makes a huge mess.

Water based and silicone based lubes are OK to use. Do not use oil based lubes. Oil melts this material as well. For a health conscious person we recommend condoms with every use of a product made of this material.

Rubber Tree/ Latex jellies:

These products are similar to plastic jellies with the exception of the pungent odor and Phthalates. Treat these materials the same as plastic jellies. They melt if stored to close to other adult products or if oil based lubricant is used on them. They have lots of pores, so we suggest toy cleaner instead of soap.

Cyber skin types:

This type of product is the most realistic feeling material available. Different companies have different names for it, like UR3 and Pleasure Skin for example. The chemical make up varies slightly between companies, but they generally seem to be made of a Latex and Silicone mixture.

Soap will degrade this product quicker then other materials so again we recommend toy cleaner. Store in a plastic bag away from other toys.

Use water based lube only on these products. Oil and low grade Silicone based lubes don't seem to react well with this material.

There is a little more to the clean up process for this material. After washing, the surface of this material will feel slick. That slick feeling is what the cyber skin actually feels like. In order to keep its texture realistic Cyber skin needs to have a fine coat of cornstarch on it. Washing rinses that cornstarch layer away and it needs to be replaced after every wash.

For this purpose we carry a product called Cyber skin renew. Its simply highly refined cornstarch. Just add a fine layer to the product after washing to maintain the correct texture. Do not use standard refined cornstarch from the grocery store. It's not refined enough and has a tendency to cake on the product in thick layers.


Silicone is considered to be the preferred material for use in adult products at the moment. It's non porous, transfers vibration very well, and is a very stable compound, meaning it won't melt when stored next other products.

Soap will eventually break down this material so use toy cleaner instead whenever possible.

Use water based lubes only on this material, oil based and silicone based lubes don't react well with Silicone toys. Store in plastic. It won't melt because of other materials, But it will eventually dry out if left in open air for to long.

Next Gen:

Next generation materials are popping up from every manufacturer. Generally the trend in the industry is geared towards Phthalate free, non porous materials like Sil-a-Gel and TPR, which are two of the newest materials. Keep your eyes open for any information you can get about any new material that has been released. You can look for magazine articles, previews in movies will sometimes have a product demo included.

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Clitoral Stimulators

Wand Style/Mini Vibes Clit Stimulators:

These are simply a small, cylindrical wand that features a unique heads meant for clitoral stimulation. The heads of these products can have a ball bearing, small nubs or ridges. Some even have interchangeable caps.All meant to create a different sensation. There are even versions of this product that have bands on them so they can be worn like a ring on your finger. This finger type is usually coated in either a rubber jelly or silicone and is often in the shape of small cuddly woodland creatures.Because of the small size and assortment of colors these items are perfect for those females who are experimenting with toys for the first time.

Bullet & Egg:

Again this item is meant for clitoral stimulation. It has a controller that has a vibrating egg or bullet shaped sphere attached to it by a wire. They can be hard plastic or coated in a rubber jelly or silicone.

There are a lot of different versions of this product including micro bullets which are no larger then a pill, but, incredibly powerful for its size. It's the equivalent of a Mexican jumping bean on steroids.

There are two controller design types. One has a wire that leads directly onto the controller and does not disconnect. The problem with this design is the cord that leads into the controller can get twisted and kink. Once the cord kinks the toy will short out. The other type has a wire that plugs into the controller like headphones plug into an I-pod. The purpose of this design is to allow the wire to spin without kinking. This types life expectancy is much greater then the other type.

Another important note is, if you do insert this item into your body be very careful when removing it. If you pull on the cord to remove it. The cord could disconnect from the sphere. Once that happens the sphere will become lodged in your body. That's a very embarrassing hospital trip.

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Standard vibrators can be phallic shaped, cylindrical, or a wand. They can have push button features or a simple rheostat dial and will come in virtually every material in use today.

Vibrator with Clit/Anal Stimulators:

There is a large selection of these products in every adult novelty store. They are basically standard vibrators with some added features. They have clit or anal stimulators protruding from the base of the vibrator just above the controller.

These stimulators can be in the shape of woodland animals, beads, and artistic nubs. Some are meant for vaginal and anal penetration for those who crave double penetration. Some will just have a clitoral stimulator for added stimulation with vaginal penetration.

Some designs will have a rotating main shaft that has a corkscrew effect. Others will have beads built into the shaft that spin around in a cylindrical motion, and any other combination you can think of.

One of the important design points is the beads that spin around the shaft. There are two types; one has loose beads that are pushed by a tumbler. This design provides a jostling type sensation. The other type has beads that are built into the tumbler which provides a spinning sensation.

The best way to test them is to turn them on and gently squeeze the beads in your fist. Doing this will give you a good idea of the sensation each design will provide.


The G-spot is another term you may have heard of, but don't know much about. The quick explanation is a spongy tissue packed full of nerve endings that is located on the pelvic wall of a vagina about two inches in. This group of nerve endings is believed to get a very orgasmic response from women when stimulated.

The G-spot is generally stimulated more by pressure than it is by rubbing. Because of this the adult industry released a line of products with a bulbous or curved tip. Designed specifically to apply pressure to the G-spot. Some will vibrate and others will not.

Female Hands Free Masturbators:

There is a line of product out there that is designed to make female masturbation hands free.

This product usually always has some sort of clitoral stimulation feature to it. Others will also include features for vaginal or anal penetration and sometimes both. Regardless of its features the hands free models have a harness built into it so the customer can wear the product like underwear, thus making the product hands free. The only time the product needs to be touched is to put it on, take it off, and adjusting the speed or type of vibration. Other then that, lay back and enjoy the ride.

Materials will vary, so again, read the packaging carefully.

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You will be surprised at the variety of strap-on designs available today. Some models will have a permanent dong attached to it and others will have interchangeable designs. The interchangeable designs also vary.

Some will have a vac-u-lock design. This is a special plug that is inserted through the back of the pelvic portion of the harness and snaps in place. Then insert the plug into a specially made dong attachment that has a hollow core at the base. The harness is now pinched between the plug and the dong. The dong will stay in place because of the vacuum suction that was created when the plug was inserted into the hollow dong. The only draw back to this design is the harness will only accommodate attachments specifically made for that harness.

The other type is the o-ring type. The o-ring type has a ring that is held to the harness by snaps. Insert any dong or vibrator that has a flared base or testicles through the o-ring and snap the ring into place on the harness. There is much more potential for variety with the o-ring type than with the plug type.

When comparing one strap-on to another look at the difference in attachment types and note how the harness secures to the wearer.

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Anal Toys

So you might be interested in anal play and are thinking what's the best way to go about anal sex?

Well, first clean the area well, an enema never hurts either. Then tease the rectum until the opening puckers. Once puckered insertion is much more comfortable. Start small when it comes to insertion, nothing larger then your pinky finger. Larger sizes can be comfortably accommodated with practice.

If done correctly the entire experience is painless. There are products on the market that contain Benzocaine or Lidocaine which are numbing agents. They are marketed to make anal sex painless. However, pain is the body's way of letting you know something is wrong. It wouldn't make sense to cover up that natural warning signal. Follow the correct steps and be patient.

A few key points to anal sex are:
  • Never insert anything unless there is some kind of flared base or handle or anything you can hang on to. The anus has a tendency to swallow objects whole. As funny as that sounds, it's true. Hospitals around the country have that special file cabinet full of x-rays of people that have gotten an object lodged inside of their rectums.
  • Don't switch from anal sex to oral or vaginal sex. No matter how many times you see it done in the movies. Unless you have a condom on during anal sex which you can remove before switching. The anus is full of bacteria that cannot be washed away and infection and illness could follow shortly after the act is done.
  • Now that the basic how-to is out of the way, lets cover the basic tools of the trade. We'll start with plugs.
Anal Plugs

Anal Plugs are cone shaped items that come in various sizes, materials, and colors. They all have some sort of flared base to prevent the anus from swallowing it. Best used by those who enjoy pressure over thrusting or by those practicing to accommodate larger sizes.

Anal Wands

Anal wands or anal tools are simply objects that are cylindrical in shape and marketed for anal penetration and have some sort of flared base or handle. Some will vibrate and some will graduate in size. Meaning they are smallest at the tip and increase in diameter the closer you get to the base.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are just as the name suggests... beads. The beads will be attached to some type of cord and will come in a variety of sizes shapes materials and colors. The biggest difference is the cord. Nylon cords should be considered a one time use item only. Nylon can't be washed clean and gives bacteria a safe place to hide. If the product is bought with the intention of being used time and time again we Suggest one that has a rubber or rubber coated cord. Rubber can be easily cleaned and maintained.

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Pumps are primarily thought of as being a male only product. The truth is women can benefit from pumps as well. For men and women alike, pumps can be used in two different fashions. The first is to give a gentle sucking action as a masturbation toys. You can tell if the product is designed for this purpose if the product vibrates or has a soft texture on the inside for simulation.

The second use is for blood circulation purposes. In men, the blood circulation method is used by those who have trouble gaining an erection in the first place. This medical condition is called "Erectile Dysfunction" or "E.D." for short. This condition can be caused by many things including Diabetes, low blood pressure, or prostate problems to name a few. The result is, not enough blood will make it to the genital area which is essential to gaining an erection. A pump simply creates a vacuum that pulls blood into the genital area and allows the user to gain an erection. This is where the claim on the box "Will make you bigger" came from.

Doctors will even prescribe pumps to some of their patient that suffer from E.D. That's right…. Your local pharmacy carries a variety of penis pumps behind their counters. The same or of equal quality pumps we have displayed on our website. The only difference is that our price is almost always much cheaper than the pharmacy. Because of that reason, some doctors in the know will even advise their patients to purchase from us rather than a pharmacy.

These pumps will be made of plastic and will be smooth from top to bottom with no vibration features. In conjunction to the, pump one more item is essential to the blood circulation method for men. The Cockring. I will touch on its use in the Cockring section. Some can use a pump every day and some can only use a pump once a week.

For men interested in pumps for a bigger, better erection, but don't have any circulation problems. They probably won't be satisfied with the results of the pumps and would be better off spending their money on the enhancing pills and creams.

The blood circulation method used by women is that it will pull more blood into the nerve endings in the genital region, increasing overall genital sensitivity.

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Cockrings are products that serve several purposes. The purpose is for circulation. A circulation ring is primarily used in conjunction with a pump. When an individual has E.D. they will use a pump to pull blood into the penis and then put a cockring on the base of the penis. The ring stops the blood from running out of the penis once the pump is removed. Some people will be able to gain erection, but not maintain one. Circulation style rings can also be used in these situations.

The circulation style ring can be found in silicone, rubber, and metal. Regardless of material, the trick to these rings is finding the correct size. The idea of a ring is to prevent blood from running out of the penis, thus maintaining the erection. The ring needs to be small enough to do that, but not so small that it is painful to wear once the erection is achieved.

Here's a quick tip. If you purchases a metal ring, be sure you are positive the ring is not too small for you. The problem is if you gain an erection while wearing a ring that is too small, you will probably have to cut the ring off to remove it. If that ring is made of metal, well... I hope your good with a pair of bolt cutters.

The second purpose of a cockring is for ejaculation control. These rings have one small ring placed above a second larger ring in a figure eight shape. The penis goes through the smaller ring while the testicles go through the larger ring. They can also come in the form of a large single ring. Which you place both the penis and testicles through the single opening.

With either design the purpose is the same. To prevent semen from traveling from the testicles to the penis. Some men find this to prolong their sexual activities and others just enjoy the pressure the ring creates.

Cockrings can also be considered an accessory. There are designs that feature a vibrating bullet for stimulation.

Some designs have a controller attached to the bullet by a wire and others will have a wireless style. The bullets can be positioned around the penis to accommodate various stimulation points.

They can be worn during intercourse for added stimulation for both men and women. Add stimulation to male masturbation and can be put on dongs and vibrators for a customized feel.

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Male Masturbators

These products comes in many forms. There are the old fashioned inflatable dolls, large molds of a porn stars pelvic and glute region, and smaller molds that focus on a specific body regions such as the vagina. There are even small sleeves that resemble nothing more than a sleeve. Some will be smooth on the inside and others will have some sort of texture in the tunnel for added stimulation.

They are made of all sorts of materials so be sure to take the correct care.

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Extensions are sleeves that are designed to increase length, girth, and even add an unnatural shape to the wearer. Some will even have a loop at the base that is meant to go around the testicles to secure the sleeve in place. Again materials will vary.

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Bondage is simply the act of restraint and sensory deprivation. It could be as simple as a pair of handcuffs or a blindfold or something more complex. Any product you decide to use, the goal is the same. To restrain your partner from movement or prevent them from using one of their senses, like sight for example.

S&M is the pleasure of pain. This is where whips, clamps and other seemingly torturous devices come into play. Some people find these little stings and pinches arousing. Also, things like feathers for tickle torture, bondage rope that is designed not to leave rope burns and bondage candles that have special wax designed not to exceed a certain temperature to avoid serious burns.

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Pills and Cream Supplements


There are many pills sold over the counter that are designed to increase performance in men and women. All of these pills contain a few similar ingredients. First is L-Arginine. This is an amino acid that naturally releases hormones in the body thereby increasing sexual libido. Second is Horny Goat Weed. This is a plant extract that acts like an aphrodisiac. And third is Yohimbine. This one is a plant extract that raises the body's nitric oxide levels. You find these ingredients in different combinations and each one has several names. So, you may not recognize it on the package, but you can bet one of these items is in there somewhere.

Some side effects that customers reported after taking these pills are: Trouble sleeping at night, increased hart rate, skin flushing and sleepiness. All of these side effects are actually linked to Yohimbine.

If you would like to know if the product is safe to take. You should consult with your Doctor. Only your doctor will have the knowledge of any medical conditions or prescriptions you are taking and how those ingredients will react with each other.


There are many types of creams and gels out there. Let's discuss desensitizers. These products are designed to prolong male stamina by numbing the genitals. You will see ingredients like Benzocaine or Lidocaine.

A condom must be worn after application to avoid numbing the partner. They are also marketed to make anal sex painless. Be careful using it for this purpose as I explained in the anal section.

There are also creams that have the same effects as pills containing the same ingredients as well. For those who would like a topical version instead of taking a pill.

There are creams meant for stimulation that contain high amounts of glycerin for a warming effect. Menthol or Mentholparaben for a cooling sensation. There are scores of others. Whatever the cream we recommend that you get a doctors opinion, before use if there are medical or prescription medicine concerns.

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Party, Gag Gifts and Practical Jokes

We carry an assortment of humorous items for parties, practical jokes, and gag gifts. Most are self explanatory if you read the packaging.

Things you may find in this section would be edible underwear, games, cake pans and other food accessories, stripper poles, and many other fun humorous things you thought no one would ever make.

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Condoms come in every flavor, texture, and color of the rainbow. Most are self explanatory if you read the package.

Condoms do not offer absolute protection against sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. When used improperly they can leak. However, sex with the proper use of a condom significantly increases the probability of having a safe encounter.

Common problems include, tearing the condom when putting it on and failing to squeeze excess air out of the tip. When used properly condoms can reduce the chance of pregnancy especially when using one that utilizes a spermicidal lubricant.

Condoms can also be used to lower the risk of bacteria infection when used on a toy and it can make a toy waterproof if you insert the entire toy into the condom and tie the open end off.

The materials used in the manufacturing of condoms vary widely and it is important to read packaging carefully.

Some people have reported being allergic to latex and fortunately there are other alternatives like Lambskin and Polyurethane. Lambskin condoms are made from the appendix of a sheep and can only be used when pregnancy is a concern. Imperfections in the membranes of these condoms could allow a STD virus to pass through the condom. Polyurethane condoms are a better choice for those allergic to latex. They can lower the risk of pregnancy and STD. Any lubricant can be used on them, including oil based lubes (however, we don't recommend oil based lube for penetration of the body ). The down side of polyurethane is that the breakage rate is slightly higher then a latex condom because it is not as elastic as latex.

If you have had a bad reaction to the last latex condom you have used and never had a problem with any other condoms they have used in the past, you may be allergic to the spermicidal lubricant on the condom. Many people have been found to be allergic to nonxoynol-9 which is one type of spermicidal lubricant used on condoms.

Not all condoms are F.D.A. approved. If you see phrases like "Sold for novelty use only" on a condom package, that condom is probably not F.D.A. approved.

They also come in several textures and styles and have names like Magnum, Super Sensitive, and Rough Rider to name just a few. These imaginative code names are often based upon the condoms size or style. For instance, Magnum usually means a larger sized condom for those people or objects of an above average size. Super Sensitive means a condom made extra thin to allow for a more realistic feeling.

The best way to learn about the condoms we carry is to just look thru the condom section and start comparing packages. Look for differences in size, style, and manufacturer.

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Adult Movies

  • All Male - no vaginas or boobs at all. only men having sex with men.
  • All Female - No boys allows, maybe some toys.
  • Anal - All sex scenes are focus on the anus.
  • Asian - If not all at least all women are Asian.
  • Amateur - your next door neighbor making a sex movies with there own camera.
  • Anime/Cartoons - Cartoons having sex.
  • Antique - porn that your great great great grandpa might have stared in.
  • Big Boobs - All actresses have large fake or natural breasts.
  • Bi-Sexual - Love triangle she likes him, He likes some other guy, other guy likes Her
  • Bondage - Every body's doing it, only a few talk about it.
  • BBW - All actresses are Big Beautiful Women.
  • Classics - Oldies but goodies.
  • Double Penetration - Focus on a women getting penetrated in her vagina and anus at the same time.
  • European - You can't understand what there saying unless you know a European language.
  • Educational - How To movies, You might learn things you never thought were possible.
  • Feature Films - Adult moves with a plot. It's allot like going to a block buster movie with real sex.
  • Fetish - Weird Shit
  • Group Sex - Threesomes, Orgies, and Gang Bangs.
  • General - allot of the average sex acts. a little something for everyone.
  • Interracial - For fans of Dark and light Meat
  • Legal Teens - All Actresses are 18 to 19 years old.
  • Latin - All actress are Latin.
  • Lactating - some as above with with some breast milk actions.
  • Masturbation - All by Her self.
  • MILF - Mom's that like to get away and fuck.
  • Mature - Middle aged women with experience. Cougars on the prowl.
  • Oral - Focuses on women only giving blow Jobs and cum shots.
  • Pregnant - she's probably going to need a fraternity test.
  • Squirting - Some Females can ejaculate too. The adult industry calls it squirting, because some ejaculate like a super soaker.
  • Soft-core - Sex scenes where you don't see the penis in the vagina.
  • Transsexual - Chicks with Dicks.

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Personal Lubricants

Lubricants are one of the most widely used products in the adult industry. Every situation from solo masturbation to huge orgies can benefit from a good lubricant. Knowing what type of lubricant to use for each situation is very important, because not all lube is the same.

Water based

This type of lube has the stigma of being the best lube to use in most situations, that assumption is not always true.

Water based lubes typically contain glycerin, parabens, polymers, and of course water. They are safe to use on any material found in the adult industry. They clean up easily with warm water and won't stain fabrics (unless they contain sugar). They can also come in a verity of flavors for delicious oral applications.

However, with all the positive aspects there are some down falls to water based lube. Some people have complained about water based lubes becoming sticky. What they are feeling is the glycerin left behind after the water in the lube has been absorbed into the skin.

We have three suggestions, adding a little water or saliva to the glycerin that is left behind and that will rejuvenate the lubricant, or simply add more lube straight from the bottle, or they can try a silicone based lubricant.

If you are a person experiencing skin irritation when using water based lube, they are probably sensitive to the glycerin and parabens found in water based lube. Suggest trying a lube that is marked glycerin and parabens free.

A quick side note, warming lubes contain a high amount of glycerin, not a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

The general rule of thumb about water based lube is spring for the big bottle now because water based lubricants absorb into the skin quickly. You will find yourself running through this stuff like it was, well….. water. Because of the absorption rate of water based lube, it is not the best choice for anal play.

Silicone based

This type of lubricant is made from Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, and Cyclomethicone ( have fun with the pronunciation ) they contain no water and because of the size of the molecules in this lube it can not be absorbed into the skin, making this a very long lasting, silky, friction free lubricant that is great for anal play.

The only materials this lube is not good for is anything made of silicone and low grade cyber skin type materials. Silicone lube will bond to any silicone product and you won't be able to wash it off. The same thing will happen to cyber skin materials if the material is of a low grade or if the silicone in the lube is of a low grade.

There is a little more to the clean up with this type of lube. It requires soap and water to remove it from the skin. When removing it from a toy, use warm water and lots of gentle scrubbing with a wash cloth, try to avoid using soaps on adult toys unless it's made of glass or hard plastic.

This lubricant will also stain fabrics so be cautious around bed sheets, clothes, carpets, and lingerie.

Lastly this type of lubricant does not contain glycerin or parabens like its water based counterpart and is a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

Oil based

This lube can contain nut oils and it is important to have the customer check the ingredients before purchase if they are allergic to any type of nut.

Oils can ruin anything made of rubber, latex or silicone in less than 60 seconds and will stain fabrics.

It can be great for external messages, masturbation and flavored oils for oral applications.

Many oil based lubes are scented and work well as a bath oil too.

We do not recommend using oil based lubes for penetration; the body does not break down oil fast enough for it to be considered safe. Oils could remain in vaginal and anal tracks for days and create plenty of opportunities for bacteria infection to occur. Stick to water or silicone based lubricants for any penetration and save the oils for back rubs.

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