Xtend It Kit Realistic Penis Extender

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Increase pleasure through a longer, thicker, more filling length

Offering three possible extension options along with a touch virtually undetectable from true skin, Doc Johnson's XTend It Kit provides an effortless way to increase pleasure through a longer, thicker, more filling length.

An extremely soft, supple and perfectly stretchy 9 inch sleeve crowns the Kit, this UR3 offering combines all the supple, squeezable softness of flesh with a delightfully temperature receptive surface that quickly and naturally takes on body heat. Conforming snugly and securely to the penis, the sheath rolls on smoothly to fully surround shaft and head- before inserting the cock in question, however, decide how much length you'd like to add. The default tip automatically lends a firm full inch- steadying the XTend over the natural head of the penis. Included in the Kit is a second piece, a 2 inch insertable extension that can be slipped inside with a little help from the included powder, totaling 3 inches of extra reach when all's said. Those 2 inches can, if you choose, be halved for an added 2 inches total, simply snip the extension down the middle at the pre-measured seam. Full usage instructions can be found inside.

However you choose to enhance your natural prowess, the incomparable touch of Doc's signature UR3 will absolutely enthrall- the supple smoothness feels as natural to wear as is does to receive. This blend of skin-safe elastomer is renown for its amazing realism, and the little extra care that's required is absolutely worth it. UR3 needs to be fully dried after cleaning, which can be easily accomplished with some warm water and a mild liquid soap or some antibacterial toy cleansing fluid. Once completely dry, dust with the included Refresh powder or simple cornstarch, and store separate from other toys, particularly soft toy materials. Compatible with water based lubricants.

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