X Gloss Pheromone Lip Gloss - Lust And Love

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Give your sexy smile an electrifying, tingling, buzzing sparkle!

X GLOSS Pheromone Infused Lip Gloss - Give your sexy smile AN ELECTRIFYING SPARKLE!

X GLOSS makes your lips feel like a vibrator and creates the wildest tingle for you to transfer to your partner next time you make out! All of these sylish glosses are infused with gender-friendly pheromones that make the person wearing it feel attractive and help you attract someone to kiss.
The pheromones in X GLOSS are designed to make you feel attractive  and turned on (plus attract someone else!). Go over to your partner and give them a kiss on the lips. Within seconds, they will begin to feel a buzzing, tingling sensation on their lips. It will be the most memborable kiss of their life!

The most powerful Buzzing lip gloss in the world!

Special Features:

  • Stunning color pallet to complement every skin tone
  • Slight sparkle for extra glow
  • Infused with gender-friendly pheromones
  • Apply it just before you kiss someone
  • It is safe and pleasureabl to use during oral play
  • It helps couples kiss longer and better
  • Contains no menthol
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