Contour M Ceramic Massage Stone

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A temperature sensitive ceramic massager

With a curvy, widespread shape tipped by four ultra smooth rounded points, the delectably firm, blissfully weighty Contour M lends its easily maneuvered form to decidedly sensual, blissfully relaxing massage situations. Held comfortably in hand, an ergonomically contoured base fits perfectly in the palm, allowing for precision control over the four protruding nodes. Broadly blunted and placed evenly at strategically angled areas around the circumference, the Contour M can be used for single or multi-point massage, as well as fuller coverage strokes.

Created from a seamless ceramic material, this massager is incredibly receptive to temperature, and will quickly and naturally take on body heat with touch- it can also be manipulated dramatically in terms of hot and cold simply soak in warm or cool water before use. For an added hit of sensuality, try the Contour with one of Jimmyjanes' luxurious Massage Oil Candles.

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