10" Black Mini Whip

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We highly doubt that the following piece of sex toy (and life) wisdom will come as a shock to most of you, but just in case you didn't get the memo: bigger doesn't necessarily mean better! If you're just starting out on your bondage play journey, for instance, a giant whip or massive paddle could be a little intimating - and not in a sexy way! This little 10" number from Spartacus will probably be much more your style.

Totally classic in form, the 10" Mini Whip is practically weightless, fitting easily in your or your partner's hand. A total of 8 strappy leather tails can tickle with a lighter touch, or pleasurably sting with a harder flick. Either way, the flat, studded handle and nice long wrist strap makes for perfect control at all times.

In high end oiltan leather, your Mini Whip should be spot cleaned as needed.

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